Tuesday, April 13, 2010

runnin with lexi-dog

When I was younger, I had a lab that would run with me. He was good at pacing me and pushing me to run faster. I have alot of fond memories with this dog. It's hard to find somebody to run with that can run at a certain time, for a certain distance and at a certain pace. I am very particular about running, I like to run early in the morning when the air is crisp and it is quite. I hate running with music or with somebody who talks. I tried a couple of running partners, but that just fell through. So I decided to get a puppy so I could train to run with me. Last October, my mom's pitbull got preggers with a boxers babies. She had 10 and I fell in love with one in particular the day the were born. Although she was the cutest, Lexington Shae Davis as we named her was also the most energetic. This has made her training a little harder than expected. However, this dog loves to run. It seems that I don't run long enough or fast enough for her. She would literally drag me around the park or neighborhood, and people would laugh. She's really big for her age, almost my height and more than half my weight! I have bought her different types of collars and leashes but they don't seem to stop her. Finally I had an epiphany! I looped the leash around my waist then clasped it to her collar. Not only does this shorten the leash, but it puts my whole body weight against her so she can't drag me, and leaves my arms free to run correctly. This has worked great for over a week. We get up for an early run and then go again in the afternoon. This helps release some of that energy and makes her a better obeying dog throughout the day. This morning we went through our usual routine and were out on a jog. About 800 meters away from our house we go past a wooded area. Apparently all the small creatures were up and about. Usually I let her see and smell things, but don't let her get excited. Her excitement escalated way too fast and she went on hunting mode. I had to drag her away from the woods! Still excited she tried to take out my foot, which is not good while you're in mid-run. I tripped and fell on my face right in our neighbors front yard. It was humiliating!!! But I had to compose myself in order to correct her behavior. Seriously, I underestimated the effort it takes to train a puppy....

Monday, March 29, 2010

dresses & skirts

I was at the park yesterday and I noticed a group of ladies jogging in dresses & skirts. Not only did the length of their dresses constrict the length of their strides, but it just looked uncomfortable. This brought back some old memories. Growing up as a preacher's daughter, everything my sisters and I did was restricted and over analyzed. Every year, my dad seemed to get stricter and stricter with us. Our wardrobes consisted of dresses & skirts only. Anything above the knee was literally an abomination. One day in Jr. High, one of my friends asked me why I only wore dresses & skirts. I didn't have a logical explanation besides, just because that's what I'm told to do. This was my state of rebellion. In reality, I just wanted to express myself openly. At first I would change clothes at school, then change back before I got back home. This got boring really fast. So I decided to beat my dad at his own game. I asked where in the bible does it say that I have to wear a long dress & skirt everyday? He started talking about purity and such. But who says that other clothing isn't pure? Obviously there are different types of styles in clothing and being conservative isn't limited to dresses & skirts. Trying to throw the bible in there, it does say that women shouldn't wear men's clothing but women's pants aren't the same as men's pants. That being said, I wonder what those women at the park would say if I asked why they wear dresses & skirts? I'm not being judgemental, but I don't think anyone should have control over somebody enough to direct what clothing is appropriate or not.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The funeral's today. I'm not going, but I can't get it out of my head. The whole situation seems surreal, like a nightmare you can't wake up from. Everybody's going to be there, the distraught friends and family, the supporting church members, the heartless gossip mongers, the media....everyone but me. I can't make myself go. Going makes it real and I can't accept that. I find myself watching the news, browsing the web, reading blogs about it. They all call him "the bad guy", "the shooter." I'm not defending what he did, but you think you know someone after 13 years until something like this happens. Nobody thinks about the "bad guy's" family. What did they do to deserve this? They can't control their family member's actions. The worst part is those pitiless idiots calling and harassing the family. They just lost a son, a brother, part of their family. How can they be so heartless? This makes me reminisce of those times we would hang out and have fun. It's so sad I watched him fall into a dark hole of depression and drugs, and yet did nothing to help him out. I would see him at school or around town, and I would just look away as if I didn't know him and was too good to know someone like him. I hate myself for that. I could've helped him. We all could have. There are so many what if's.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

best dinner

It's our one year anniversary and we arrive at Texas de'Brazil in downtown Dallas. The streets are busy, the lights are bright, the air is crisp, and the wonderful smell of food fills the parking lot as we get out and the valet takes the car. As we walk towards the entrance of the new,two-story,and beautifully designed building we are greeted at the door by the hostess. The atmosphere inside is magical. The lights are dim, but there are candles everywhere, creating an romantic ambiance. There are waiters walking around with these long brackets of delicious meats. As our waiter explains, it's an all you can eat restaurant. We are given a colored card and as long as we have it on one side, waiters keep coming by our table offering us more. They served lamb chops, different types of cooked ribs and steak, chicken, and shrimp. Besides the meats, they also have a salad bar with over 100 options. They have a large variety of cheeses, dressing, vegetables, and even offer some of the best tasting sushi. Along with all that feast, Texas de'Brazil has an amazing tray of tasty and freshly baked desserts.

Monday, February 15, 2010

valentines hypocrit?

When February comes around, valentines day is everywhere. Advertisements for gifts are heard on the radio, tv, seen on billboards and in stores. It's a nice concept that once a year your significant other shows his/her affection. However, i think that a day shouldn't be reserved for such, what about every other day in the year? Why can't everyday be a lovers holiday? Women and girls expect valentines to come with gifts, flowers, chocolate and balloons if not from their significant other, a secret admirer. I think it might be a schoolgirl fantasy that never grows old. Valentines Day is also a day that singles out those that don't have a love partner, which seems to belittle and exclude them from this occasion. Is society too concerned with monetary significance that they interpret as "romance?" Or is this a ploy from companies that make money from it? Although I have tried to resist and even ban this holiday from my life, I guess I have been swept up by the hype of such a romantic, perfect day...making me a valentines hypocrit!